deliberative body

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As a result, the greatest deliberative body in the world now has difficulty deliberating on anything of importance.
Specific nurse-physician challenges that are best addressed through a deliberative body.
Finally, the rating proposal is submitted to an independent deliberative body for the rating decision which, as set out by the European Regulation on Rating Agencies, is then communicated in advance to the rated entity.
This is Senate Hair Care Services, the official barbershop and salon of the world's greatest deliberative body.
Get a pass from your Senator or Representative and see our deliberative body in action.
I am on the APA assembly, which is its deliberative body.
The world's greatest deliberative body is running like a lawnmower that's been left out all winter: It's hard to get started, and when it finally comes to life it sputters and kills on even the lowest clumps of grass.
The General Assembly is the deliberative body that represents the United Nations and is responsible for policy formulation.
Rapporteur" is a French-derived word for an investigator who reports to a deliberative body.
The goal of any politically aware Northern politician should be to develop a legitimate Northern deliberative body.
The Experts Assembly of Iran is a deliberative body of 86 Mujtahids (Islamic scholars).