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(101) While variations across administrations may be substantial, OLC often has followed a tradition of deliberativeness that transcends politics, fostered by "informal procedural norms designed specifically to protect its legal judgments from the winds of political pressure and expediency that buffet its executive branch clients." (102) Such norms should be encouraged and regularized.
There is no doubt that different interventions display different forms and feature varying degrees of deliberativeness. Some interventions involve more inclusive and representative participants than others.
225, 264 (2005) (arguing that deliberativeness, representativeness, and accessibility are three of the most salient characteristics of the American legislative process that give it its democratic legitimacy).
(209) In his closing statement at Manning's court martial, prosecutor Major Ashden Fein referred to the staff of WikiLeaks as "essentially information anarchists." (210) Manning used WikiLeaks as a "platform," said Fein, to "ensure that all of the information was available to the world, including the enemies of the United States." (211) Contrary to these characterizations, Manning's attorney David Coombs portrayed Manning as having acted with care and deliberativeness. Coombs emphasized that the 700,000 documents leaked by Manning were a small subset of the "hundreds of millions of documents" to which she had access "as an all-source analyst," and that Manning leaked only those that she believed were in the public interest and would not cause harm.
One is that, as Hastings Center President Thomas Murray puts it, "There's a world of difference in the deliberativeness with which the two chambers have acted in this case." (When the House voted last summer, it did so after just a few hours of discussion.) The pro-therapeutic cloning side also saw some stunning conversions to its position--Orrin Hatch, Strom Thurmond, Nancy Reagan, Gerald Ford--and was bolstered by support from Nobel laureate scientists and celebrities such as Michael J.
(83) If we imagined a continuum in which decisions were ranked based on their deliberativeness, with points further right being more deliberate than points to their left, under Gutmann and Thompson's theory the dividing point between justification and lack of justification must be to the left of the right pole.
A broad judicial commission to stand in judgment of the deliberativeness of politics would be both unrealistic and dangerous.
The ideal is incomplete for individuals, who often have goals at odds with deliberativeness. And deliberation may also be an incomplete ideal for political discourse, which may depend on nondeliberative values and rhetoric in order to serve individuals.
Conceptualizing Skidmore as reasonableness with a bite will enhance the accountability and deliberativeness of the agency interpretations in informal contexts.
The throughput of online discussion focuses on modes of communication and argumentation (Friess & Eilders, 2015), such as studies measuring deliberativeness by analyzing the quality of discussions vis-a-vis normative ideals.
Deliberativeness of online political discussion: A content analysis of the Guangzhou Daily website.
Depending on analytical foci, criteria such as popular inclusion, deliberativeness, equality and reciprocity, openness, and civility and closure can be highlighted (Ferree et al., 2002, p.