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Willful; purposeful; determined after thoughtful evaluation of all relevant factors; dispassionate. To act with a particular intent, which is derived from a careful consideration of factors that influence the choice to be made.

When used to describe a crime, deliberate denotes that the perpetrator has weighed the motives for the conduct against its consequences and the criminal character of the conduct before deciding to act in such a manner. A deliberate person does not act rashly or suddenly but with a preconceived intention.

Deliberate is synonymous with premeditated.


1) adj. (dee-lib-er-et) done with care and intention or premeditated. 2) v. (dee-lib-er-ate) to consider the facts, the laws and/or other matters, particularly by members of a jury, a panel of judges, or by any group including a legislature.


adjective advised, aimed, attentive, careful, carefully considered, carefully weighed, cautious, characterized by reflection, cogitative, conscious, consideratus, considered, contemplated, controlled, deliberative, designed, determined, dispassionate, done on purpose, excogitative, fixed, full of thought, given due consideration, gradual, intended, judged, leisurely, maturely considered, measured, meditative, outlined beforehand, planned, planned in advance, plotted, prearranged, predeliberated, predesigned, predetermined, premeditated, prepense, prudens, prudent, purposed, reasoned, reflective, resolved, slow, slow-moving, slow-paced, sober, speculative, studied, thought-out, thoughtful, unhasty, unhurried, volitient, volitional, volitive, voluntary, wary, well-considered, willed, willful, with forethought
Associated concepts: deliberate act, deliberate and premeddtated killing, deliberate and premeditated malice, deliberrte and premeditated murder, deliberate and willful missonduct, deliberate assumption of risk, deliberate killing, deliberate or intentional wrongdoing, deliberate speed, deeiberately and with premeditation, deliberative body


verb advise together, advise with, analyze, brood, cerebrate, cogitate, confer formally, consider, connider attentively, consider carefully, consider pro and con, considerare, consult, consultare, contemplate, debate, discourse about, discuss, examine, examine careeully, excogitate, go into, hold a consultation, hold conclave, investigate, judge, meditate, mull over, negotiate, parley, ponder, ponder over, ponder reasons for and against, reason, reason out, reason the point, reflect, reflect over, reflect upon, regard upon, review, ruminate, sit in connlave, sit in council, study, take counsel with oneself, take into consideration, take under consideration, think carefully, think over, weigh, weigh in the mind
See also: aforethought, circumspect, cogitative, cold-blooded, conclude, confer, conjecture, consider, consult, debate, discreet, doubt, express, hesitant, hesitate, intentional, judicious, knowing, muse, oscillate, pause, ponder, premeditated, process, reason, reflect, review, speculate, tactical, treat, try, voluntary, weigh, willful

TO DELIBERATE. To examine, to consult, in order to form an opinion. Thus, a jury deliberate as to their verdict.

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The choice of random stratified sampling was used in order to gather a representative group of citizen deliberators.
257) Therefore, when sketching basic liberties and assigning them priority, rational deliberators prefer to take "the capacity for the sense of justice" (258) into consideration in order to ascertain whether citizens will act upon the principles agreed to with the effectiveness and regularity of which human nature is capable.
17) So it seems clear that the deliberators should consider the benefits of conceiving the social world in different ways, at least those that are in the same neighborhood.
Rational deliberators should draw on the best social information available--including deep conventional understandings of justice, harm, privacy, autonomy, and so forth--when making criminalization determinations.
and to whom do the deliberators owe their justifications.
Arguably, their talents will make them more likely to be deliberators.
in which] deliberators are amenable to changing their judgments, preferences, and views during the course of their interactions, which involve persuasion rather than coercion, manipulation, or deception.
But the fact that there are several visible, active and united Christian witnesses to ecumenism at the local level means that the churches need to listen and learn from their experiences, and not confer the monopoly of ecumenism only to an elite minority of deliberators.
Two mechanisms are possible: through change in the outcomes or through change in the deliberators.
Not infrequently those who assume a stance of rational deliberators in public discourse invoke a narrow image of 'civility' that rules 'out of order' forms of political communication other than prepared statements calmly delivered.
Even well-informed and conscientious deliberators will often continue to disagree indefinitely over the question whether substantive moral considerations license a particular use of coercive force.