delicacy of feeling

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If you had been a fellow of any sensitiveness or delicacy of feeling in that kind of way, Sydney, I might have been a little resentful of your employing such a designation; but you are not.
Hardyman understood the delicacy of feeling which dictated those words, and, without well knowing why, resented it.
It was short, but expressed good sense, warm attachment, liberality, propriety, even delicacy of feeling.
It requires a delicacy of feeling which they have not.
The consideration evinces your delicacy of feeling.
It would have been singular, if any uncommon delicacy of feeling had survived through such a life as Mrs.
Lydgate divined some delicacy of feeling here, but did not half understand it.
It was not an easy question to answer--without entering into particulars which Emily's delicacy of feeling warned her to avoid.
I always supposed you had some delicacy of feeling.
The sensitive and intelligent girl had readily perceived how little her presence was necessary in the interview that has just been related, and had retired with that intuitive delicacy of feeling which seems to belong more properly to her sex.
To come to you before, and thereby spare our adversaries so much, is a barbarian mode of warfare, quite unworthy of any man with the remotest pretensions to delicacy of feeling, or refinement.
In her lightest words, her gestures, in all that she did and said, I saw proofs of the nobleness of soul, the delicacy of feeling which made her what she was, one of those beloved, loving, and self-sacrificing natures so rarely found upon this earth.