delicacy of feeling

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It was short, but expressed good sense, warm attachment, liberality, propriety, even delicacy of feeling.
It requires a delicacy of feeling which they have not.
If you had been a fellow of any sensitiveness or delicacy of feeling in that kind of way, Sydney, I might have been a little resentful of your employing such a designation; but you are not.
It was not an easy question to answer--without entering into particulars which Emily's delicacy of feeling warned her to avoid.
Now, in you we can repose the strictest confidence; in you we have seen--or at least I have seen, and that's the same thing, for there's no difference between me and my brother Ned, except that he is the finest creature that ever lived, and that there is not, and never will be, anybody like him in all the world--in you we have seen domestic virtues and affections, and delicacy of feeling, which exactly qualify you for such an office.
It would have been singular, if any uncommon delicacy of feeling had survived through such a life as Mrs.
I always supposed you had some delicacy of feeling.
Yet "Chappie'' is invested with such humanity, a seemingly effortless delicacy of feeling, that it makes one suspect that, even if movies continue in this machine direction, they'll never fully give way to machines.
It would be reductive to say that the artist's gender gives her permission to approach Barca with this kind of delicacy of feeling.
The delicacy of feeling and brilliant color of the central panel are heightened by the figures of the saints in the wings, especially Dominic in his stark black and white robes.
I suppose it was with some delicacy of feeling that the planners and demolition squad left Thomas Rickman, as it were to stand for his church.
The suggestion is that chaps who express an delicacy of feeling, such as preferring lightly grilled turbot to battered cod, are almost honorary women.