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Button-Bright was glad the Candy Man stayed in the Throne Room, because the boy thought this guest smelled deliciously of wintergreen and maple sugar.
She was a beauty in color, the blood spraying her white skin so deliciously as to earn for her the apt description, "peaches and cream.
Of course there was a rapture, followed by one of the deliciously confidential talks which bosom friends enjoy, interspersed with tears and kisses, smiles and sighs.
replied the oak bitingly, "how deliciously cosy it is to stand here buttoned to the neck and watch you poor naked creatures shivering
It was tender, and his teeth sank into it with a crunch that promised deliciously of food.
As Anne would have said at one time, it was "an epoch in her life," and she was deliciously athrill with the excitement of it.
He remembered invading another village of a dozen houses and driving all before him with his shot-gun save, for one old man, too feeble to flee, who spat at him and whined and snarled as he dug open a ground-oven and from amid the hot stones dragged forth a roasted pig that steamed its essence deliciously through its green-leaf wrappings.
We bought water-melons nearly twice as large as a man's head, most deliciously cool and well-flavoured, for a halfpenny apiece; and for the value of threepence, half a wheelbarrowful of peaches.
When the banks are low, we appear to be gliding deliciously over the roughest ploughed fields, with or without legs according to circumstances.
As if this feeling of support, which was tempting her to close her eyes deliciously and let herself be carried on and on into the unknown undefiled by vile experiences, were less certain, had wavered threateningly.
From all the windows the candles were gleaming, and it smelt so deliciously of roast goose, for you know it was New Year's Eve; yes, of that she thought.
He found himself lying upon a bed deliciously soft, with lace-edged sheets and lavender-perfumed bed hangings.