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Not for my sake,' says my sister obstinately, and then my mother comes ben to me to say delightedly, 'She winna listen to reason
Eureka stuck up her nose at such food, but the tiny piglets squealed delightedly at the sight of the crackers and ate them up in a jiffy.
A knock at the door interrupted him, and he was left to stare delightedly at the Crouched Venus and on around the room at Dede's dainty possessions, while she answered the telephone.
He knew he was not in the room, though he stood up on his hind-legs and investigated the low bunk, his keen little nose quivering delightedly while he made little sniffs of delight as he smelled the recent presence of Skipper.
Hilda looked up delightedly at the tall gray figure beside her.
Every man of the grim faction hammered delightedly on the table, as that formidable argument was produced; and the curate sat down in triumph.
They laughed delightedly and scampered off a short distance, calling out over their shoulders to her.
Rose was so astonished that she nearly fell off her perch, and when the little concert was over clapped her hands delightedly.
Matthew slapped the reins on the sorrel's back delightedly.
If she does get married you'll have to come and live with us," said Cecily delightedly.
Foolish boy, always wanting to play everybody's game and beat them at it," Saxon laughed delightedly.
Residents in one neighbourhood hacked into a main water pipe and then danced delightedly in the spray.