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The 41-year-old, who is married to Patrick Kielty, 46, delightedly wrote: "Over the moon to share that Milo is going to be a big brother
Wearing my red T-shirt and my favorite green jacket, wide-eyed at my favorite dishes laid out on the table, watching the twinkling lights on the small Christmas tree that I decorated, and delightedly joining the Christmas countdown on TV with my parents and kid brother-these are what make my Christmas something to look forward to each year.
Thorsten Holten, Executive Vice President Sales Financial Institution and FinTech Europe, comments: We delightedly announce our new strategic partnership with Twisto.
IN 1984 I was referee at a Northumberland Police rugby team game and afterwards, they delightedly told me that they hoped the miner's strike would continue for a long time as they were travelling to Yorkshire and being paid overtime rates of PS250 per day.
Their performance brought the house down, with Luke Skywalker himself - actor Mark Hamill - sharing a video on his social media in which he can be heard laughing delightedly in the background.
After an operation and subsequent rest he delightedly announced he had been given the all-clear.
Residents in one neighbourhood hacked into a main water pipe and then danced delightedly in the spray.
We should enter Boris," she said delightedly, and ran off across the field, followed by a small, speeding barrel with flappy ears.
Jack delightedly explained that he was keeping a promise he'd made to himself years ago: to give back to DAV to ensure they could continue to assist his fellow disabled veterans.
I was freed from endlessly chasing and learnt instead to hold delightedly to the moments right in front of me.
There is Charity Driscoll, the newest--and the prettiest--girl in the school, whom Todd delightedly discovers is as big a fan as he is of the anime series Dragon Sensei.