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On the other hand, the account of Betterton, "perhaps the greatest of English actors," is delightfully fresh.
When a young woman heard the chevalier say at a ball, "You are delightfully well-dressed!" she was more pleased at such praise than she would have been at mortifying a rival.
Miss Fairlie plays delightfully. For my own poor part, I don't know one note of music from the other; but I can match you at chess, backgammon, ecarte, and (with the inevitable female drawbacks) even at billiards as well.
We explored to King'sWeston twice last summer, in that way, most delightfully, just after their first having the barouchelandau.
You, Miss Woodhouse, I well know, play delightfully. I assure you it has been the greatest satisfaction, comfort, and delight to me, to hear what a musical society I am got into.
It's so delightfully easy, for instance, to wash yourself here.
As she sat at the cabin breakfast-table that morning, in her quaintly-made sailing dress of old-fashioned nankeen--her inbred childishness of manner contrasting delightfully with the blooming maturity of her form--the man must have been trebly armed indeed in the modern philosophy who could have denied that the first of a woman's rights is the right of being beautiful; and the foremost of a woman's merits, the merit of being young!
So Laurie did his best, and sang delightfully, being in a particularly lively humor, for to the Marches he seldom showed the moody side of his character.
"Do you not think they are something in Miss Morton's style of painting, Ma'am?--She DOES paint most delightfully!--How beautifully her last landscape is done!"
This six-parter is (as we all knew it would) twisting and turning delightfully - or, perhaps, not so delightfully.
A topical narrative with delightfully experimental stylization, In/Half offers a powerful look into a perilous future with profound human connection and somber remembrance at its core.
2017 Cuvee Pecheur Comte Tolosan PS5.49 at Waitrose South West France triumphs again with an uncomplicated but lively white that delightfully marries colombard grapes with ugni blanc in the way that region does so well.