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DeWitt delights us time after time throughout the book with a range of topics that illustrate the delightfulness of our world.
In these ways, a "physical and material delightfulness (superfluity)" can be sought "that is needful for healthy well-being everywhere.
The director of social programs and community affairs, Ali Al-Arabi, asserted that the governorate has taken all the necessary actions to organize this festival on the second day of Eid Al-Fitr and provide all requisite games, toys, gifts, contests, folk bands in order to spread atmospheres of mirth and delightfulness for all citizens and resident expatriates.
We've captured the delightfulness of this hilarious hit family comedy in two great-tasting, egg-shaped treats," explains Ron Rupocinski, Krispy Kreme Corporate Chef.
One Devonshire Gardens, which is part of the Hotel du Vin group, may not be in some hot exotic location or boast the facilities of, say, a grandiose Dubai complex, but it exudes sheer class throughout and when it comes to customer service, ambience and undoubted delightfulness, it is second-to-none.
One is made aware not of the delightfulness of paint but of its intransigence, and of the canvas not as the artist's playground but as the battlefield upon which they have fought the paint into submission.
The Ambassador expressed his delightfulness to celebrate this happy day with Jordanian couples who will also be celebrating their happy day this year.
Prince Edward expressed his delightfulness for visiting the Sultanate of Oman to which his country has great appreciation and respect due to its balanced policy pursued at the domestic and foreign fronts which earned it the trust and respect of world countries.
The British MPs expressed their delightfulness on the achievements and unprecedented growth made by the University in a short span of time.
During heavy work you need some delightfulness (sic)," she added.
And despite the charm," Dewald continues, "the spontaneity and apparent delightfulness of much of the content of the Histories, the ultimate objective of its author .