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Old Chum had a dinky dome of rich chocolate and bramble delightfulness and some impressive salted caramel ice cream.
For example, in the copyright context, Disney battled to enjoin the sex-fueled antics of its most famous characters as they appeared in the unauthorized comic, "The Air Pirates." (25) Disney sought to protect its "image[s] of innocent delightfulness" (26) from the frontal assault of illustrators who thought that raunchy sex, drug use, and robbery better fit the Disney crew.
Unlike the ephemeral pleasure of prettiness and delightfulness of Artisan Crafts and Decorative Arts that titillates the senses of popular culture thereby requiring art-work to be crafted as an accessible commodity to satisfy an insatiable desire for comforting sensations, quality Art-as in aesthetically heightened--stuns the senses, suspends a desire to consume it, causes one to surrender to the aura of its exalted capacity to reveal the power of God-spirit in the illumination of experience.
Takashi Harada, Counsellor for Economic and Development, Embassy of Japan in Pakistan, expressed his delightfulness at Japan's commitment to improve water and food security in the region, and reaffirmed Japan's continuous support to projects in Pakistan.
While Kant associates the beautiful with such character traits as delightfulness, sociability, friendliness, amiability, charitable feelings, he admits that these cannot be derived from such universal principles as free will.
Mohammed Beyari where he expressed his delightfulness about the graduation of his sons and daughters of the first batch.
What a world of idle nothingness the name stands for; and what a world of familiar delightfulness! O God, when shall I get out of this limbo?
Flow is positively linked with engagement as both experiences are classified as intrinsic inspiration delightfulness and a deep sense of dedication and attention [26].
The relation of negative childhood experiences with delightfulness of the children for being together with their families and feeling safe with their families Psychological NCE Yes No n % n % [[chi].sup.2] Do you like being Yes 4 986 72.3 1 910 27.7 65.937 (*) with your family?
And it's his former band's pure-blown pop sensibilities that he employs on Open Your Wallets' giddy collection of hooks, melodies and assorted delightfulness.
The Sultanate celebrates these days the 43rd anniversary of the Glorious National Day which carried as usual the happiness and delightfulness to the whole of the Sultanate for the achievements and the royal orders that aimed for the good of Oman its people.
I have a personal value-response when "another stands before me as valuable, beautiful in himself, deriving all his attractive power and delightfulness from his preciousness and beauty" (19).