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On the other hand, professional development is understood as being resulting from said training, which is also under the influence of the social and historical context that structures professional situations that facilitate, hinder, delimitate or push it.
This was considered a putative synapomorphy and was recognized as the main character to delimitate species, together with characters of male genitalia.
To facilitate its implementation, the new Forest Code approved in 2012 requires that farmers submit a georeferenced Rural Environmental Register (Cadastro Ambiental Rural or CAR), a system used to identify the owner, to delimitate the property, its legal reserve and permanent preservation areas.
The database definition phase of the study has the potential to delimitate the boundaries of the research, considering that the whole portfolio of articles after being analyzed may be built through the results found in the defined database.
Despite several factors could contribute to the effectiveness of a FUBILE, it could be beneficial to clearly delimitate learning goals to circumscribe the amount of information that we want to communicate to the user.
This seems to be the preferred strategy to delimitate Canadian national identity in recent years.
One heuristic option is to delimitate how different symbolic positions of individuals and social groups are anchored in specific socio-cognitive dynamics.
16) define evaluation as a systematic process to delimitate, obtain, report, describe, and judge the information on the merit, value, integrity, feasibility, security, significance or equity of an object.
Had the "maritime domain" been considered a territorial sea claim, the Court would have had no alternative but to declare Peru's application inadmissible, since it cannot proceed to delimitate maritime areas that are in breach of the contemporary law of the sea, as the delimitation of a 200-nauticalmile territorial sea clearly is.
The controversy around the neuropsychological characterization of SLI remains open because we face: (1) a highly heterogeneous disorder, regarding which it is difficult to delimitate deficits; (2) there is a paucity of studies; and (3) the results available are very discordant.