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(16.) To be accurate, the Sino-Russian border, which remained stable until the mid-19th century, was delimitated by a series of treaties between the late 17th century and the mid-18th century (Spence 1991: 79).
Apparently, the legitimacy of the individual as an autonomous, differentiated and delimitated entity would be restricted to some dimensions of the self mainly for the middle classes, meanwhile others groups would be able to appear socially according to collective traits, frequently negatively regarded in society.
Thallophyte syntaxa based on spatially delimitated releves, classified by floristic criteria and using ranks corresponding to those of the phytocoena are governed by the ICPN (WEBER & al., 2000: Definition I).
As it is shown in the Figure 5, the comfort zone for Ecatepec is delimitated in the range of temperature from 19[degrees]C to 26[degrees]C during summer and from 20.5[degrees]C to 28[degrees]C during winter.
According to Everly & Mitchell (1999) a critical incident is an event that occurs in a delimitated place and time producing in the professional a negative emotional state and destabilizing his/her professional identity.
In the former regulation there were two forms of appeals for annulment, clearly delimitated, in two distinct Articles: (9) the regular appeal for annulment and the special appeal for annulment.
One respiratory cycle was manually delimitated and the program displayed corresponding blood pressure and photoplethysmographic waveform curves.
The cameras optical axes were crossed in order to capture the whole plane delimitated by the water surface; camera 1 captured from the start blocks to 15 m and camera 2 captured from 10 to 25 m.
Meanwhile, the classification of the creative industries is a mean through with the creative economy can be delimitated and measured.
My "getting into" new music cannot be delimitated by a single specific epiphany, of the kind like when someone hears, for instance, Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians or George Crumb's Black Angels as performed by the Kronos Quartet and has the feeling that it has opened up a new world to them ...