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In written orders objections raised on the mandate of committee that established in-connection with the delimitation of constituency and termed it interference in ECP constitutional powers.
The pointed out anomalies in the delimitation exercise go against the universally accepted practices established for the purpose of delimitation of the constituencies.
Constitution of Election Tribunals for hearing appeals against the delimitation of Constituencies; and
The Group will make suggestions/proposals within three (3) days to address the issue of new delimitation of constituencies which would be sent to the Election Commission of Pakistan; for resolution, said a press release.
They expressed their strong reservations over the new delimitation and criticised Thatta officials of the Election Commission of Pakistan.
Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for the addressing the delimitation issue
MPA Achakzai said, 'The honourable court directed the ECP to take tribal elders and all stakeholders into confidence before issuing new delimitation notification, but still the ECP took an unsolicited decision.
The working groups prepared annexes to the draft agreement between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan on certain sections of the border to implement the protocol of the Tajik-Uzbek Intergovernmental Commission for Delimitation and Demarcation of Borders, signed Feb.
They have viewed that consultation was not held with representatives of political parties regarding constituency delimitation and added that implementation on law regarding delimitation was not being followed.
The petitioner stated that the government intervened in the jurisdiction the election commission of Pakistan (ECP) by doing delimitation following an amendment in Local Government Ordinance 2013.
Ce projet de loi, qui a obtenu 34 votes positifs contre une abstention, s'inscrit dans le cadre de l'application des dispositions de la nouvelle Constitution, notamment l'article 71 qui stipule que les principes de delimitation du ressort territorial des trois types de collectivites territoriales (regions, provinces ou prefectures et communes) sont du domaine de la loi.
In the petition, the MQM urged the court that the delimitation of the constituencies should be stopped.