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Commas or other punctuation (affects delimited ASCII data dumps)
purchase Exploration concession delimited part of Quinta da Pimenteira, located in the Sierra de Monsanto, Lisbon, and other buildings and equipment in the Parque Florestal de Monsanto.
Uzbek border guards tried to figure out why there is a retransmission station of Kyrgyzstan at not delimited section of the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border on September 22, Deputy Prime Minister Tokon Mamytov reported to Akipress.
It is all the more surprising that this spectacular exterior holds inside it a clearly delimited museum cube of Lutheran sobriety, its 20,000 square feet divided in turn into a relentlessly cool series of white cubes that renounce all architectural seductiveness.
Only about a quarter of sub-Saharan borders are clearly delimited and demarcated.
The obsessively repeated marks in Frost's labor-intensive drawings--which take months, sometimes more than a year to make--seem to form a clear, delimited pattern.
Ingrian's new ETL Utility enables organizations to quickly and efficiently encrypt and decrypt large volumes of data in flat files, supporting a wide variety of delimited and fixed position file formats.
It was said at that time the countries delimited over 70% of the state borderline of 1,378 km of the border, around 50 sections of the border or 354 km remain not delimited.
Gesture becomes self-mocking in Lyon's paintings, and despite the "tossed," spontaneous look, the forms are carefully drawn and delimited by conspicuously manicured contours.
Attorney's Office as constituting "material adverse effects" that delimited its duty to perform on the merger agreement, J&J announced it was not required to complete the acquisition of Guidant, signaling it would not.