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The report further says that after the foundation of the Indian independence and the People's Republic of China, the governments of both countries inherited "the 1890 Convention and the delimited China-India boundary in the Sikkim Sector as established by the Convention.
In fact, there is a special kind of delimited file that people often use called the comma separated value file or .
Commas or other punctuation (affects delimited ASCII data dumps)
Referring to the China-India boundary issue in the Sikkim Sector as delimited by the 1890 Convention inked with Britain at the height of its colonial rule over India, the Chinese foreign ministry said that both Beijing and New Delhi have been in discussion on making the boundary in the Sikkim Sector an "early harvest" in the settlement of the entire bilateral boundary question during meetings between Special Representatives on the China-India Boundary Question.
Lot 2 number of area to be delimited 20 / number of fragmented cutting 680
Able to export reports in either Excel or delimited format
The conflicts will reoccur until the borders have been delimited and demarcated, Kyrgyzstan's Vice Prime Minister for Security and Border Affairs Tokon Mamytov said during the on-line conference in AKIpress on October 16.
Paolini reproposes the traditional notion of the painting as "window," as a representation of the space, codified and delimited by its surface, outline, and frame.
The file the State of Delaware will provide will be a comma delimited, *.
This makes the photograph's top and bottom halves--the sky and all below it--virtually each other's mirror; and the limited range of color, a pale alloy of yellow, ocher, and gray, extends the feeling that nothing is clearly delimited from anything else, that there is no there here.