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And in an otherwise laudable effort to link the limitations of certain narrative devices to various crises at the site of language and meaning as inscribed in, among other things, names, locations, and legends in Song of Solomon, Rice carries his insight to a dangerous extreme when he suggests that gender delimits Milkman's as it enables Pilate's ability to achieve "heroic" status.
This entry delimits the competition area by boulevards located to the east and the west of the site.
He thus delimits three primary positions or uses over the course of the century where attention is concerned: those who make attention a matter of the conscious will of an organized subject; those who, like Freud, see it above all as a function attached to biologically determined instincts and to unconscious drives; and finall y, those who think that a new subject is in fact a phenomenon that can be produced and controlled through external procedures of stimulation and multiple technologies of "attraction," the cinema, as Tom Gunning has shown, being a prime example.