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The study also delineated the 38 km thick crystalline crust of Indian shield which is dipping at an angle of 50NE in the Muzaffarabad city.
Indeed, it is hard to imagine that the Lebanon-Syria border will be fully delineated and demarcated until many of the unresolved questions affecting it - Hizbullah's armed status, Syrian-Israeli peace talks, the fate of the Palestinians - are answered first.
[2] These standards are most current ones delineated by the professional organizations AFT, NCME, and NEA.
Beyond the physical boundaries (delineated by zip code), students and teachers are being given broad license to decide where and what to capture, says Barbara Chow, vice president for education programs at NGS.
Austere and playful, wicked and sacred, antic and serene in equal measure, Winkfield's meticulously delineated culinary, musical, mythic, and domestic motifs come together into odd and gracious apparitions on the canvas.
Before a group of 150 real estate professionals, Whitehead delineated the mission of the agency he spearheads.
Wages for domestic labor remained very stable over the century, although gifts and tips may have increased significantly within households in which the servant hierarchy was highly delineated. [pp.
Physical examination detected a 4-mm vascular mass with clearly delineated borders behind the left tympanic membrane (figure).
Dressed in bright blue "worker" costumes (by Liz Prince) and dramatically lit (by David Ferri), the dancers moved with delineated, synchronized movements in a sound universe of sirens and machinery, airplanes, bells, and strident percussion, framed by Wendall K.
States that could be delineated were (a) disjointed, (b) phrase disjointed, (c) short-utilitarian, (d) sidetracked, and (e) coherent whole.
One of the many ironies delineated in the book is the resurgence of interest in international legal solutions to public health challenges when science and medicine fail to provide enduring national solutions.
The passage of time was noted by using the astronomical observations delineated in each year's almanac.