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A total of P18,275,356.62 was collected from 1.432 delinquents from April 1 to June 17.
Consistent Servicing Activities: In Fitch's view, special collections exhibit reasonable results as delinquent loans move through the foreclosure process and REO sales are recurrent.
In my book "Bullying and Violence in South Korea: From home to school and beyond" I sought to understand South Korea's juvenile delinquents. The book was conceived during the last public uproar over violent teens following a spate of bully-suicide cases between 2011-2013.The public perception was that violence in schools had become more "rampant," was occurring earlier, and cruel and 'cold-blooded' students had become more "organized" (like gangsters).
Young people who frequently respond with negative affect, or who cannot adequately control their emotional responses, are likely to be less appealing to their peers and indulged in delinquent behaviors.
"Over 90 per cent of the (parents) of delinquent children know nothing about their children's friends though a delinquent child can spoil 150 in (his/her) circle," he said, giving the example of the son of a criminology expert who took drugs despite all the awareness imparted to him simply because of bad friends who were heavy smokers.
Other research has found more than one-third of youth ages 12-17 exhibited at least one delinquent behavior during the previous year, and 2009 statistics found drug use rose nationally in 2009, reversing a downward trend.
In most of these theories the maladjusted delinquent is judged to be the end product of intimate social experiences in the family or alike situations, but the social organization are rarely paid much heed .
Consequently, the number of seriously delinquent mortgages may actually increase in the near future.
Convergent findings across studies of delinquent youths indicate significant overlap between delinquent behaviors and substance use and misuse (Thompson, Riggs, Mukilich, & Crowley, 1996).
West Palm Beach's CityPlace now has the largest delinquent CMBS loan in South Florida, after being more than 60 days delinquent on a $150 million loan, according to data from analytics firm Trepp for The Real Deal.
PARENTS AND DELINQUENCY--A study of 400 juvenile delinquents in a mental hospital showed with "regular frequency" that the parents unconsciously fostered the delinquent behavior in their own children....