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The first two chapters broadly cover liquid-to-solid nucleation and vapor-to-liquid nucleation, with subsections treating prediction of dissociation and condensation parameters, taking into account factors such as cluster shape, density variation, and deliquescence, and using a variety of physical and chemical theories to obtain the best predictions.
But while the postmodern proposition that Cervantes and Shakespeare are unwitting participants in the deliquescence of literary representation of reality is altogether untenable, there is also something problematic about the notion that they are simply harbingers of the triumph of modern realism.
(52) According to Zhang and co-workers, superhydrophobic surfaces can also effectively inhibit atmospheric corrosion induced by the deliquescence of salt particles.
One is brine formation by deliquescence, the absorption of atmospheric water vapor by hygroscopic salts (e.g.
"We will explain also the reasons of our resignations, our position towards the commission 13 and our viewpoint concerning the deliquescence in which the Nidaa has stalled", he said.
(4) Relativism appears, in fact, to reflect the deliquescence of the "liberal" bourgeois world, the growing spiritual emptiness of our civilization, and the vanishing of absolute values and compelling convictions.
"Les parents d'eleves face a la deliquescence du systeme educatif congolais (RDC)," Cahiers de la recherche sur l'education et les savoirs, no 8, p.
Rolfe note that many species in the genus Coprinus 'erect their caps, fructify, and deliquesce into a collapsed, black and semi-liquid mass, popularly regarded as a "horrible putrescence."' (15) This autophagic deliquescence is actually a reproductive strategy that disperses spores and returns water and nutrients to the environment for future generations.
It is found that gas-phase amines increase the particle-phase amine concentrations, lower the deliquescence point (DP) of the particles and facilitate water uptake even at low relative humidity.
blood, demons, night, monsters, desolation, deliquescence, dissolution.
During the application of expansive soils in the construction and employment of embankment, the peculiarity is influenced by both the nature of the denudation and deliquescence of expansive soils [7-9].