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As explained above, even small amounts of magnesium chloride, and other salts with low deliquescent relative humidity, emanating from humidifiers can cause premature failure of the hardware through ion migration even under low relative humidity conditions.
I saw her performing only once--a deliquescent waltz in the play Dark Eyes, in the early '60s.
thin, almost deliquescent slices, Mottled ovals of salami, around a huge
These he takes to be movements of revolt against deliquescent nationalisms and authorities (read, the United States as prime example), "in an arena where old-fashioned politics can no longer operate--because it can no longer control (156).
Dwight Culler says about such echoing sounds of which Tennyson's beloved mantra, "far, far away," is perhaps the most deliquescent instance, "Every lyric is .
It is well known that CR compounds cured with zinc oxide and ethylene thiourea or its derivatives absorb water to a considerable degree as a result of the in situ production of the very deliquescent zinc chloride.
This solution is deliquescent and remains liquid over extended period.
He displays, as he notes, a "genuine enthusiasm, almost teen-age in its spontaneity, for slimy, deliquescent rot.
For the most part, the artists chosen for Art: 21 seem fit specimens of the international style, although from a stylistic perspective, Sally Mann--who first gained notice for her controversial, and winningly beautiful, images of her nude children, and who has lately turned to murky, deliquescent landscapes of the rural South--appears entirely out of place.
In her perfect world, 128 would commence feeding by ripping through the deliquescent carrion of winter-killed ungulate.
Still, it might be argued that changes in rhetorical patterns should be expected even in these genres since rhetoric expresses politics, and politics is deliquescent and vicissitudinous.
Hermaphroditus is condemned to repeat the deliquescent dying in which his parents conceived him; the parents' union "author[s]" (911) his nominal (the melded Herm-Aphroditus) destiny.