delirious with joy

See: ecstatic
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The audience was delirious with joy. They cheered the ape.
'He is so delirious with joy that he is saying that I have not had a chat with him and that I am lying.'
Imran Khan looked delirious with joy when Donald Trump said he could mediate or arbitrate the Kashmir dispute, and claimed to have Narendra Modi's support if needed.
This usually inscrutable and often incoherent man was almost delirious with joy that night.
Religious right leaders Jerry Falwell Jr., James Dobson, and Tony Perkins are delirious with joy, right?
The OFW advocate said the recall order has made human traffickers and illegal recruiters in and outside of Hong Kong delirious with joy as she scored the labor department for allegedly not according due process to the Hong Kong-based senior labor attache.
He is going to make us delirious with joy far more than he will make us furious from here on in.
I've never once had any of my old schoolmates ring me and sob with relief: "How, Mick, I'm so delirious with joy! Ye knaa' those long curly locks ah had?
Striker Vardy's two goals yesterday helped unfancied Leicester City celebrate becoming Premier League champions and left the club's fans delirious with joy.
It felt so real that it was the first time in a long while that I felt delirious with joy. We were supposed to eat out, but when I turned around to get my purse I woke up in bed instead.
Delirious with joy, I broke off the first of four crunchy bars and jammed it into my mouth with the force of a lost hiker.
And if the County fans were happy with Crow's first goal then they were delirious with joy after he scored a superb second.