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"Oh, yes; I have frequently seen shadows pass close to me, approach, and disappear; but I took them for visions raised by my feverish imagination, and indeed when you entered I thought I was under the influence of delirium."
In the delirium of fever, and in the full possession of his reason, he has the same dreadful doubt of me.
"Both dead," Skipper said in a change of delirium. He said it quietly, as if announcing the time of day, then wailed: "But, oh, the bonnie, bonnie braids of all the golden hair of her!"
/cleared up/ why I spoke of rings in my delirium! What a hold the idea must have on all of them!"
As a rule deliriums are, when contrasted with dementia, more than symptomatically treatable and may in fact be reversible.
Sundowning or nocturnal delirium can be defined as a marked increase in confusion, disorientation and possibly agitation in an elderly or severely cognitively impaired subject at sunset or when daylight is reduced.
You may not have heard of delirium, but it's a condition that is common in hospitalized older adults, and it can have serious consequences--it raises the risk of prolonged hospitalization, cognitive decline, functional disability, and death.
Delirium is an acute disturbance in mental functioning that causes changes in an individual's ability to focus, sleep, recall events, and display appropriate physical conditioning and behavior (U.S.
DELIRIUM is very common and can be very scary for patients and their relatives.
As part of this scope they have developed an expertise in the diagnosis and clinical management of delirium under the mentorship of a visiting geriatrician.