deliver an address

References in classic literature ?
I've promised to deliver an address on his labors in zoology.
Wu is invited by the non-profit organization the Los Angeles World Affairs Council (LAWAC) to deliver an address under the title of 'Taiwan: An Enduring Partner with the US in the Free and Open Indo-Pacific' at a luncheon on Mar.
The King will deliver an address on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's internal and external policy.
The ceremony will take place on October 10 during which the one-time Democrat presidential hopeful will deliver an address at the university in Belfast.
Venkaiah Naidu will embark on a two-day visit from September 8 to the United States to deliver an address at the 2nd World Hindu Congress (WHC) in Chicago.
In the afternoon, Uhuru will deliver an address at Chatham House where he will showcase Kenya's achievements in making economic growth inclusive.
The acting Director General of the DPME, Tshediso Matona will deliver an address on the role of evidence in policy planning, monitoring and evaluation.
Professor Thomas Lee, Stanford University, will deliver a talk Thursday morning titled "Silicon is the New Steel: Building the Internet of Everything--the World's First Terascale Network." The Thursday afternoon speaker will be Yervant Zorian, chief architect and fellow at Synopsys and president of Synopsys Armenia, who will deliver an address titled "Test and Robustness in Today's Advanced Technologies." Thursday technical papers will cover advanced test methods and getting more out of your test data.
MOSCOW-- Barack Obama will deliver an address to the nation on "keeping the American people safe".
The co-winner will be announced and the award will be presented at a public event at the British Library on Thursday 9 October, at which Rushdie will deliver an address.
Erdoy-an is scheduled deliver an address at the Albert-Schultz ice rink in Vienna, a facility capable of hosting 7,000 people.
Shankar was at Paley, the prestigious New York- based institution for brainstorming over media issues, to deliver an address on Friday.