deliver information

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OSIsoft's RtPortal allows companies to deliver information to employees at any level of the organization, enabling them to collaborate, measure performance against targets on many different levels and drive operational performance to new heights.
Scripps ceo Ken Lowe said that "the broadband technology of today lets us deliver information to the building trades in a way it could not be done before.
WAP is similar to the combination of HTML and HTTP but includes optimization for low-bandwidth, low-memory, and low-display capability environments necessary to deliver information to mobile devices.
JustSystems also announced xfy Enterprise Solution[TM] for Oracle Content Database 10g in North America and Europe, enabling Oracle Database 10g customers to easily manage and deliver information across multiple reporting sources, dynamically, to end users.
The advantage of ARM, or instrumentation in general, is that it allows the reporting application to deliver information that helps support fundamental business processes.
com's educational pages will deliver information, news, and SMG program and InvestWrite enhancements for students, teachers and parents to the Foundation's Web site: www.
The Broadcast Engine: To proactively deliver information and offers to every customer via the media of his or her choice.
The xfy Enterprise Solution delivers the first client environment for DB2 9 featuring advanced business functionality, enabling enterprise customers to easily manage and deliver information across multiple reporting sources and formats directly to the desktop.
With Active Information Management, companies can forever change the way they manage and deliver information to business users," said Bill Hewitt, president and CEO of Kalido.
Corporate performance, operations and profitability analysis depend on a solid, flexible information management strategy, and Kalido has the unique ability to deliver information to business users how and when they need it," said Hartlen.
The desire by businesses to access, manage and deliver information more efficiently is driving rapid change in the information technology marketplace.
As a UK-based company with geographically diverse sales channels and customers, it was a challenge to deliver information about the company's product offerings in a timely and consistent manner.