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Defined dependencies, or other tasks or deliverables that have an impact on content and timing (that is, one deliverable depends on completion and acceptance of another).
Special accounting rules govern recognition of revenue from such arrangements due to the difficulty of determining value for each separate deliverable.
03-05, Applicability of AICPA Statement of Position 97-2 to Non-Software Deliverables in an Arrangement Containing More-Than-Incidental Software), so as to remove from the Topic's scope the sale of a tangible product containing software components and nonsoftware components that function together to deliver the product's essential functionality.
Implementation of deliverables is not always self-evident on the part of the recipient country and will likely require close coordination with the ODC and country team to monitor progress and, if required, provide additional focused technical assistance.
When workmanship and materials, or other significant, structured operating methods are affected by a faulty deliverable, such as a project-wide quality control plan, or configuration management plan, then these boilerplate-induced glitches put our operations staff at a deficit.
Deliverable 3: Provide one (1) copy of the draft survey report.
Our team schedule for the alpha contracting process was organized by week with responsible organizations, key milestones, and deliverables clearly identified.
One of the obvious concerns to FMS customers is what will be the technical data cost in its various deliverable format options (paper, CD-ROM or downloaded from a web site)?
2 Deliverables For this Consulting Services RFP the main deliverable is fully qualified Medical Professional(s) to engage in the activities as described in Appendix C: Requirements and Deliverables, with the experience as defined in Appendix E: Standards for Describing Vendor Qualifications, working on projects as directed by the State Project Manager.
TIMELINE - Deliverable 1 to be completed within eight weeks from the date of award of the contract.