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However, he added, even if deliverables connected to enhancing the region's economic integration were completed by the end of this year, the possible benefits would not be seen until next year.
"FilmLight has transformed its grading tools to give colourists the power to grade in one colour space and be confident that it is portable across all deliverables. These masterclasses are a chance for practitioners to get into the real details, to understand the practical challenges of HDR, and to familiarise themselves with practical workflows."
"With ProjectWise Deliverables Management we will have easy-to-use, secure cloud-based environment, for transmittals, submittals and RFIs (requests for information)," said Mackay.
In those cases, checking the deliverables against requirements can be a daunting task, and the government should plan accordingly.
As a result, taxpayers that for tax purposes follow their financial accounting revenue recognition method for multiple deliverable arrangements could face a change in method of accounting that would require IRS consent.
This article presents the major GAAP revisions affecting multiple deliverables along with brief examples of how the changes will affect practice.
However, the major difference is that SISP tends to be process-oriented, with relatively little specification of the deliverables, whereas EA is rather the opposite (but this also depends on the particular approach).
The key thing to understand is that just because an arrangement involves multiple deliverables, it doesn't necessarily involve multiple elements (i.e., units of accounting) for purposes of revenue recognition under U.S.
In addition, the company's initial Mainframe 2.0 deliverables include: a synchronised release stack that eliminates multiple learning curves by standardising installation, planning and implementation cycles across 45 CA mainframe solutions; over 100 mainframe solution health checks that integrate with the IBM Health Checker for z/OS framework; enhanced electronic software delivery for 143 CA solutions that enables customers to electronically retrieve and install those solutions without the need to build a physical tape.
The process and associated deliverables are explained in an email from Bitsy, which is shown in Document 1.
Inchstones are contractual subtasks with associated tangible deliverables that, if not completely implemented, will directly or indirectly lead to schedule delays and performance shortfalls.