delivery of process

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Redundant high-temperature safety: A back-up temperature-control system that shuts down delivery of process air to the hopper if the temperature rises uncontrolled.
The series features valve actuation times less than 5 milliseconds and a factory-set flow adjusting mechanism for precise, consistent C v, which enables consistent delivery of process gas.
Our patent-pending flow setting feature enables the consistent delivery of process gas.
Our integration of ASG-Visual Process with Microsoft Project Server is key to the delivery of process knowledge to projects," said ASG-Visual Process Development Manager Kenneth Steiness.
The offerings collectively contribute to the company's delivery of process management solutions that enable manufacturers to automate back-end processes and ensure maximum efficiency.
Appian s delivery of process, data and collaboration through a single, easy to use application platform, ensures that business users are connected to the critical processes to drive transformational business value.
The open PlantWeb architecture facilitates delivery of process information to users in the plant including the diagnostics and maintenance information communicated via FOUNDATION fieldbus communications protocol.
The immediate availability of this client application will help customers to significantly accelerate the delivery of process tools and technology that leads to higher quality products with innovative functionality.
Therefore, Thomas Group has partnered with a number of leading technology companies to offer simultaneous delivery of process improvement and technology.
DiPiero added that the increase in bookings also reflects positive customer response to Universal's new model CD2001 chemical dispensing stations designed for automated delivery of process chemicals to wet process equipment.
The delivery of process engineering plants is already contracted.