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In the automotive industry, which is one of the largest and most profitable economic sectors throughout the world, delocalization is successfully used as the costs are really high in an industry that produces high added value goods.
This theory can evaluate the second-order interaction energy that is associated with an electron density delocalization from a bonding pair or a
x] only, a first corollary is the inertia principle that holds for a lonely particle in an infinite space time delocalization range.
The substitution of the alkoxy group not only enhances the delocalization [pi]-electrons in the copolymer, but also acts as a solubilizing group.
As long as the crystalline structure is perfect and continuous, delocalization may not be a problem.
This phenomenon could also be explained from the degree of charge delocalization after gamma-ray irradiation.
For certain electron configurations, however, delocalization lessens stability, and such molecules have been called antiaromatic.
Relying simply on delocalization theory, one would predict that 2-NBO would be more reactive than 2-PNO inasmuch as the naphthoxazole possesses a higher degree of delocalization, having a larger planar conjugated pi-system and lower pi* energy levels.
The second-order perturbation analysis (SOP) in this study provides with important evidence that the hydrogen bonding in conformer (I) is not a pure electrostatic interaction [23] but also includes electron density delocalization as presented in Table-3, which indicates that the N.