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D.E NOVO. Anew. afresh. When a judgment upon an issue in part is reversed on error, for some mistake made by the court, in the course of the trial, a venire de novo is awarded in order that the case may again be submitted to the jury.

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Delta Air Lines pass-through certificates, series 2000-1
Delta Vacations packages offer customers value-priced vacations to the world's most popular leisure destinations.
Delta Dental officials say they are keenly interested in supporting dental clinics with strong track records providing dental care to families with household incomes generally too high to qualify for state- and federal-subsidized dental benefit programs, yet too low to obtain access to needed care though private dental insurance.
Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines have discussed combining when they emerge from bankruptcy protection, according to media reports.
Delta Air Lines pilot chairman says merger appears 'misguided' as DL, US execs push rival plans.
No matter how US Airways' bid for Delta Air Lines plays out, large cities will continue to have plenty of air service, the Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney writes.
Part Three: Distinctive Models of Regional Economic Development in the Yangtze Delta
Comair's fate in a merged Delta and US Airways also is a question mark.
Summer jobs are a great way for teens to get a taste of the work world, gain some valuable experience, and earn money for college," said Delta Funding's Vice President of Community Affairs Russell Carter.
The emergence of low-fare competitors could be a key factor in getting US antitrust authorities to approve US Airways' proposed USD$8 billion purchase of bankrupt rival Delta Air Lines, experts said on Wednesday.
Although Delta Mills believes that the potential acquirer is financially capable of making an offer, Delta Mills does not know when and if it will receive a formal offer from the potential acquirer.
On-the-go business travelers will have an enhanced experience when they fly the Delta Shuttle out the Marine Air Terminal, whether they want to get some work done or just relax," said Erich Franken, Vice President, Airline Industry, American Express Establishment Services.