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Our Redeemer middle school students, as a result, have consistently placed in the State Science Project competition against much larger schools, adds DeLude.
CitiFinancial is pleased to join with the ABA Education Foundation and the Federal Trade Commission to improve financial education in Seattle," said Donna DeLude, Managing Director of CitiFinancial.
In a small school, such activities offer greater opportunities for many of the school's students to shine with their talents and to assume leadership roles, says DeLude.
Delude still gets nostalgic sometimes about the old days, when there was the trusty card catalog.
PCR can also amplify minute contamination of DNA, such as an excavator's fingerprints, and delude scientists.
DeLude, who has fulfilled his commitment to West Coast Bancorp and whose resignation is effective May 15, 2000.
It's rewarding to know how valuable libraries are in tough times," said Westboro Library Director Carolyn Delude.
But the faux spiritualism of ``Six Degrees'' endeavors to delude viewers that the answer to all their questions may be just around the corner, rather than encouraging them to search further in earnest.
He himself says, "If a Christian physician must forsake his religious beliefs to maintain his medical licence, we cannot delude ourselves we live in a free country" (Globe, Feb 22/02).
DeLude has been president of Bank of Vancouver, Vancouver, Washington, one of the four affiliate banks of West Coast Bancorp.