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You delude me with a false assent, and then I am at the mercy of your devices.
Not for a moment did Werper attempt to delude himself into the belief that he could defend himself successfully against an attack by the ape-man.
Worldly wisdom may force them into widely different ways of life; worldly wisdom may delude them, or may make them delude themselves, into contracting an earthly and a fallible union.
However,' thought I, 'I ought not to marry Eliza, since my mother so strongly objects to it, and I ought not to delude the girl with the idea that I intended to do so.
Or would she go a step further, and delude us into believing that the Moonstone was stolen?
It is true the design of deluding a woman of fortune, if I had been so, was base enough; the putting the face of great things upon poor circumstances was a fraud, and bad enough; but the case a little differed too, and that in his favour, for he was not a rake that made a trade to delude women, and, as some have done, get six or seven fortunes after one another, and then rifle and run away from them; but he was really a gentleman, unfortunate and low, but had lived well; and though, if I had had a fortune, I should have been enraged at the slut for betraying me, yet really for the man, a fortune would not have been ill bestowed on him, for he was a lovely person indeed, of generous principles, good sense, and of abundance of good-humour.
For a moment it would die away, and the traveller would begin to delude himself into the belief that, exhausted with its previous fury, it had quietly laid itself down to rest, when, whoo
To this reproach there is always one response which deludes women.
March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MassMutual's Retirement Services Division is pleased to welcome Joseph DeLude to its growing sales and client management organization, led by Hugh O'Toole, senior vice president.
He told Israel Radio Egyptians "shouldn't try to delude themselves or delude others" over a possible change in the peace treaty.
SELF DELUSION is never far from a boxer's dressing room - and Audley Harrison rarely fails in his ability to self delude.