delude oneself

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To maintain otherwise was to simply delude oneself, although Beirut was neither the sole culprit nor the exception to the vicious rule.
To pretend otherwise is to delude oneself and, to be fair, even Gordon Brown is not doing this.
(38) Hobsbawm later read her only published novel and found it "elegant, lyrical, harmonious" but probably not "of the first class." Her poems he read earlier and told an aunt he "did not think highly of them." She was shocked, but Hobsbawm explains that even then he believed "that one should not delude oneself even about the people or things one cared about most in life." Readers of Hobsbawm's histories have come to expect this disenchanted, objective, critical stance toward events, persons and movements in the past.
It is possible to delude oneself into seeing a positive image in the mirror, even when one isn't there.
Strolling through Expo '95, or any similar "patriot " or militia gathering, one could delude oneself into believing that we are simply seeing a bunch of angry white males acting out their resentment against Big Brother and Big Business and that there is little reason for concern or alarm.