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The narrator seems to be convinced, however deludedly, that he has escaped from the cave with its flickering images and stumbled out alone into the sunlight.
21) In this, exoticism is just a kind of category mistake, a scratching where it does not itch, part of a post-imperial hangover which deludedly assumes that for a thing to lack a sense is as grievous as for a person to lack a limb.
He does not believe these things, whether deludedly or not.
But this use of `imagine' is synonymous with `deludedly believe', so that to say that he imagined what he believed would merely be to say that he deludedly believed what he believed.
Gaddafi deludedly tried to write his own epitaph, saying: "I am a Bedouin warrior who brought glory to Libya and will die a martyr.
And people who deludedly believe that "this competition" is just about singing should vote Jodward to teach that terrible Simon Cowell a lesson.
He deludedly claimed that that the capitalistic cycle of 'boom and bust' was at an end.
But, while the law enforcement officers concerned are even more deludedly convinced they did the right thing, for the Friedmans it is perhaps a catharsis that will finally begin a healing process they have been as yet unable to set in motion.
It is called the Irish Republican Army because that is what it deludedly believes itself to be - the army of the Republic declared in Dublin at Easter, 1916 and endorsed by the first meeting of the Irish Dail in 1919.