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Gaddafi deludedly tried to write his own epitaph, saying: "I am a Bedouin warrior who brought glory to Libya and will die a martyr.
A cure for this schizoid estrangement imbued with Borgesian irony is somehow recommended in the Postscript, where we are solicited to get a keener sense out of Costello's standing before unknown judges, trying to explain herself in a language that does not seem to be English any more: "is it a condition of existence in this place that all speak a common tongue, Esperanto for example, and are the sounds that issue from her own lips not, as she deludedly believes, English words but Esperanto words [.
Monsieur Chevalier, to whom Steve has become so attached that he deludedly believes himself the owner, is indeed Royal Ascot-bound after beating what turned out to be just two rivals at Windsor last Monday night.
But he never ridicules Christians for deludedly following a non-existent hero.