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The heavy showers deluged several areas in Gujranwala.
Performance of a plate fin air-cooled heat exchanger with deluged water augmentation.
London: A leading BBC sports presenter was deluged by a barrage of criticism after he lambasted Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli for not being "a looker".
Torrential rain caused devastation and hampered relief efforts in the deluged north west region where more than 1,100 people have already died.
Emergency services reported hundreds of call-outs to rescue stranded drivers and deluged homeowners.
Catholics are deluged by the culture of death in the media, yet their priests and bishops are silent on this matter.
Since their June 30 nuptials were reported in a local paper in May, Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers Jason Tree and David Connors have been deluged with e-mails and letters of support from around the country and the globe.
The media then deluged Tony for details on the miscreantic escapades of Dora, the pioneer surf skater.
But word on the streets is that InCom, the company that markets the technology, has been deluged with calls from school districts wanting to adopt the system.
For many months now, druggists have been deluged with complaints from customers who can't seem to find Prilosec on the store shelves.