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The medical committee examined the woman twice and decided that she suffers from a delusional disorder.
Rosiello was mentally ill at the time of his wife's death and had the delusional belief she was cheating on him with other men and plotting to have him killed.
Daniel Oscroft, defending, said: "Her delusional beliefs, and her psychiatric issues which led to her believing them, had allowed her to develop such antipathy towards her mother.
Since 2009, Druery has been in and out of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's Jester IV unit for psychiatric treatment, and staff members have diagnosed him with schizophrenia with "psychotic, delusional symptoms.
Early Praise for the Delusional Ravings of a Lunatic Mind
Being false, even strikingly false, does not seem to be a sufficient condition for a belief's being delusional either.
I tell those who are delusional, seeking to issue one-way tickets to millions of Lebanese, that it is easier for them to issue their own tickets and leave the country.
Delusional infestation is characterized by patients' fixed and false belief that their skin is infested by pathogens.
Delusional are those wagering on the fact that the security-bureaucratic regimes in Tunisia and Egypt will remain closed and filled with mysteries that cannot be grasped by the revolutionaries, even if all the Tunisian security posts are burned down and the files of the intelligence and state security apparatuses among others in Egypt are secretly moved.
AUDLEY HARRISON insists he will have the last laugh on the army of critics who have labelled him delusional after securing a shot at WBA heavyweight champion David Haye.
The recent arrests should not devalue the health system because it is delusional to believe that all doctors are corrupted, says Daniela Trpcevska for Utrinski vesnik.
Delusional disorder is a rare condition in which a sufferer clings to false beliefs about things happening in his life.