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For example, suppose that one of the brunette audience members in the example above generally objects to participating in demonstrations, but also believes delusionally that although failure to raise her hand would not make the world any worse off, raising it would immediately make it a vastly better off place.
He delusionally believed he was being victimised and his life was in danger and Ms Moran was part of the plot against him.
that he delusionally believed that the apartment and the property
More than four years on, our continuing and ever-escalating presence in Iraq remains delusionally predicated on an assumption that our influence is stabilizing, and prevents both the metastasis of al-Qaeda and the metamorphosis of a civil war into a genocidal one.
He's an average hacker who's evolved through the trilogy into the superheroic savior of a mankind delusionally enslaved by mechanical masters, via a computer program that makes most humans believe they're actually living in the utterly virtual title world.
If he portrays homosexual transsexuals as sex-obsessed queens, the autogynephiles emerge as masturbation addicts delusionally driven to feminize their bodies.
s delusionally ego-mad world, she is, hatch, the biggest joke of all.
By allowing Lovelace to think of himself delusionally as a hero of (variously) romance and drama, Richardson gives him license to generate narratives at will, and to believe that he can control them.
It was marked by the fact that no single movement was its key, as Abstract Expressionism was for the '50s, Pop art for the '60s--and, delusionally, neo-Expressionism for the '80s.
Like most of Costner's delusionally dramatic efforts, this movie lasts much longer than the story it has to tell can support.
For example, a person who delusionally believed that she was about to be killed by another person and kills the other in the mistaken belief that she must do so to save her own life, does not rationally understand what she is doing.