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5) The violation of professionals' duty of information represents a hypothesis of delusive (illicit) conduct, as professionals are presumed to know the technical limits and precautions associated to the use of the respective product and compelled to self-informing in order to be able to adequately inform the profanes.
In the pivotal chapter thirty-six, immediately after the novella "El curioso impertinente" elaborates the probable tragic consequences of delusive self-love, a mysterious party of masked men appears at the inn in the company of a veiled lady.
F]or the Constitution to declare a right inalienable, and at the same time leave the Legislature unlimited power over it, would be a contradiction in terms, an idle provision, proving that a Constitution was a mere parchment barrier, insufficient to protect the citizen, delusive and visionary, and the practical result of which would be to destroy, not conserve, the rights it vainly presumed to protect.
Critics who apostrophize David Copperfield's progress in life as delusive and interested do not seem to recognize that the context of the novel makes it imperative for David to reject an idea of discipline that would make him similar to an automaton.
There is a qualitative difference," he claims, "between a delusive, anti-Semitic approach that believes, or seeks to make others believe, that the leaders of the Jews or the 'Jewish race' are conspiring against the rest of the world, and an equally delusive but not racist approach that seeks consolation by mobilizing a conspiracy theory to explain Zionist successes.
Yet in the end, as with all of Suvorov's writings, the fascinating thing about Devil's Mama is the nearly unimaginable degree of secrecy, duplicity, and deception of which it shows a totalitarian regime capable in the pursuit of its policies, however delusive or self-destructive.
Azzam Ahmed, member of the central committee of Abbas' mainstream Fatah movement who accompanied the president to New York, told AL HAYAT "The Palestinian Authority is a delusive authority.
12) "That 'war is the best school of wars' is one of those dangerous and delusive sayings that contain just enough truth to secure currency: he who waits for war to learn his profession often acquired his knowledge at a frightful cost of human life.
Delusive bomb warning caused big panic in Turkish Airlines (THY) Passengers plane on Sunday.
In fact, passages specifically related to compensation were either unusually clumsy or cleverly delusive.
Davutoglu and Frattini in the joint article criticized that some EU member countries were not positive towards Turkey's full membership saying, "Turkey's accession process cannot be antagonized by taking refuge behind delusive allegations such as Turkey does not embrace European culture and law.
19) Saintsbury makes no reference to the general debate but sides with Symonds and Swinburne in declaring the idea of poetry as "a criticism of life" delusive.