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745 (1971) as "a topsy-turvy one in which the paranoid's delusory watchfulness is the stance held 'reasonable'"); People v.
So accusing him of deliberate bias towards United seems ill-researched, petulant and delusory.
The crisis of identity is connected with the delusory assertion of difference.
Even in the context of so many contradictions there has ever been room for one more: the gods without voices--the fetishes--have always retained in Arena's pages their signifying delusory presence.
Philosophers, he argues, should give up the delusory hope of ever gaining knowledge of the eternal or unchanging and give up the preoccupation with what they mistakenly conceive of as perennial problems that have no cultural boundaries, problems that are supposed to naturally occur to anyone with any philosophical sensitivity, problems that are supposed to define the very nature of philosophy for all times and for all places.
Instead resembling the 'two truths' theories of both Nagarjuna and Shankara, this approach seems to embrace a Buddhistic or Vedantic illusionism--or mayavada--in its account of the character of reality as perceived by ordinary, non-enlightened persons--for ordinary perception is ultimately delusory, and indeed a hindrance to liberation.
What her liver deals with minute by minute is suspiciously sweet or intoxicating, and the celebration of a sexuality freed from the exercise of power, however subtle or professedly playful, is delusory.
We need to debunk the dangerous and delusory myth that ageing explains a large part of the growth in healthcare expenditure: the issues that really matter are technological development and to view health spending as an investment.
Along the way, Doe and others locate a host of empty graves of Indian children, metaphors of depatriation in the name of a twisted, delusory, criminal recovery project masquerading as indigenous.
Ultimately, a life based on pursuit of material enjoyment is delusory, for it defeats the very thing it purports to deliver, namely, happiness.
In her view the contradiction is inherent in the creed: she wants to show that the realization of self, an apparently idealistic goal, is in fact necessarily destructive and delusory.
Why say that Marguerite's Prisons expresses "a delusory state of spiritual despair" with no "educative experience" (68)?