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We recommend stratified sampling of delved sites based on the proportion of area covered by the delve lines and between delve lines because this sampling method required the lowest number of samples to obtain reliable estimations of OC.
Delve left a black glove carrying his own DNA on a wall.
* Delve can help prepare you for upcoming meetings (scheduled in your calendar) by pulling the latest related information together to produce content or prep cards (similar to notecards you might use to deliver a presentation).
Delve displays information that is most relevant for each person based on the work they are doing and the people with whom they are engaging.
"There's character in this team and that shone through," said Delve in the wake of the 37-33 win.
He has never previously played in a World Cup - shoulder and knee problems during an injury-hit career wrecked his hopes in 2003 and 2007 - yet Delve has arguably found the form of his life heading towards Wales' opening warm-up clash against England on Saturday.
Bath clawed back to 21-26 with Delve and Mears going over.
It was precisely that sympathy that led him to question Modernist urbanism, to delve back to his graduate work on American architecture of the late nineteenth century--he coined the now common terms 'stick' and 'shingle' style--and even further to the Greek polis for more appropriate urban models.
But, warns Locketz, it also allows employers to delve even deeper into an employee's background.
The authors use the raw data from their questionnaires to delve into other values besides individualism, including longterm versus shortterm planning, reactions to and use of technology, concepts of hierarchy and community, and more.
Archaeologists worked out more than a century ago that the human species did not delve, that is, plow, for the great majority of its time on this planet, but this work was almost certainly done by males, as it still is in surviving peasant cultures.
So following stints with Bath, Gloucester and the Melbourne Rebels, new Ospreys recruit Gareth Delve is well-placed to assess the World Cup group of death that Warren Gatland's men face next month.