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Clay concentrations in clay spread and delved treatments were generally higher at the SE site than the EP site although the clay concentration of the B2 horizon was higher at the EP site (46% v.
We recommend stratified sampling of delved sites based on the proportion of area covered by the delve lines and between delve lines because this sampling method required the lowest number of samples to obtain reliable estimations of OC.
45-60 45-60 C-C-O C-P-C Clay spread 9 14 30-50 60-75 C-P-C C-P-C Delved 9 3 50-70 40-50 C-P-C C-P-C Spaded 4 3 45-65 25-40 C-C-O C-P-C Clay No.
The images for the delved soil were then separated into the two distinct regions of modified soil (equally sized at 0.
In the delved soil, the dye staining was consistent with the infiltration results shown in Table 4 in which greater depths of infiltration corresponded with greater infiltration rates along the delving lines.