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LIKE many hewers and delvers in the world of comedy, Alan Bennett's character appears to be one of cosiness and comfort.
'Music fans who go to see acts we've had in the past, such as David Mancuso or Giles Peterson, will go on to check out soul legends and jazz legends like Herbie Hancock because they know Triptych delvers quality consistently and it's always a good night out.'
The strength of such local histories lies in the authors' talents as 'delvers in the archives'.
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could her Argus-eyes penetrate to the spot, where we,--bound to "die of roses in aromatic pain,"--in miners'-garb, masculine and muddy, sit on stones with earthy delvers, more than six hundred feet under ground,--where the foot of woman has never trod before, nor the voice of woman echoed,--and sip, with the relish of intense thirst, steaming black tea from an old cup.
And one he shares with his readers by making himself the stranger and us the delvers.