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2013) at random locations over the delving lines, off the delving lines, and in undelved soil.
A representative area of the delved profile was selected and a transect was made perpendicular across the delving fines with a delving fine at the centre.
Delving significantly increased the average steady-state infiltration rate at the soil surface (on the delving line) at site C, and increased this rate at site A but not by a statistically significant amount; there was no apparent effect of delving on infiltration at site B (Table 4).
In the delved soil, the dye staining was consistent with the infiltration results shown in Table 4 in which greater depths of infiltration corresponded with greater infiltration rates along the delving lines.
The 'dry' condition experiments (Figs 5a, 6 a and Tables 5, 6) showed a considerable effect of clay delving on water penetration and redistribution; the difference in the proportion of wet (stained) profile between treatments was highly significant (P< 0.
By contrast, the A-B boundary on the delving line was broken and this allowed water to penetrate deeper into the soil with no ponding.