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It has high resistance to demagnetisation, high magnetism and better resistance to temperature and corrosion.
Next, a set of 10 specimens (two from each structure) were subjected to stepwise thermal demagnetisation of NRM, in order to determine the NRM component structure and unblocking temperatures and to select an optimum temperature for partial TRM acquisition.
This temperature was choson on the basis of the NRM demagnetisation results and is explained in the following section.
These specimens were subjected to stepwise thermal demagnetisation in order to identify the cause of the directional variation.
Thermal demagnetisation of NRM confirmed the minor contribution of a viscous overprint at low temperatures, and in all but one specimen a single stable NRM component between 100-200 and 650[degrees]C (Fig.
5T machine is not available, and if the benefits of the scan far outweigh the risk of cochlear implant demagnetisation.
The high coercivity property or resistance to demagnetisation of rare earth magnets is because of their intrinsic property and the manufacturing process.