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It is especially important to demagnetize the magnetic core whenever you connect the probe to power on/off switching or excessive input current.
We want to demagnetize the draw for illegal aliens," Nelson told me icily in his office last year.
Heat is applied to demagnetize commercially available magnet materials, which are then reprogrammed with mixed-polarity geometric patterns of magnetic elements known as "maxels.
Current is only used during the couple of seconds that it takes to magnetize or demagnetize the mold during mold change.
That type of brush can scratch or demagnetize them.
If the bit becomes too small, the magnetic energy holding the bit in place may also become so small that thermal energy can cause it to demagnetize.
Clean the casting of any inspection medium residue and demagnetize.
The immense seismic vibrations from an impact can create temperatures high enough to melt or demagnetize some rocks in and near the crater.