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The magnetic domain structures for two Fe-Si NO strips cut at 0[degrees] with the rolling direction (RD) in demagnetized state can be observed in figure 5.
The bed is demagnetized as it rotates out of the permanent magnet (Figure 3c), causing the temperature of the bed to decrease.
A compass will work as long as it's not demagnetized.
3] particles were superparamagnetic: meaning that they were magnetized only in a magnetic field and were demagnetized when the field was removed.
What they liked about a biometric identifier was that, unlike a card, it could not be lost, stolen, or demagnetized, says Jail Planning Coordinator Captain Charles E.
We accomplished this using special samples demagnetized at high temperature and cooled to room temperature in zero field.
The 20 participants, all of whom had suffered chronic lower-back pain for an average of 19 years, were fitted with a bipolar magnet for one week and a demagnetized fake for a second week.
This curve describes the cycling of a magnet in a closed circuit as it is brought to saturation, demagnetized, saturated in the opposite direction, and then demagnetized again under the influence of an external magnetic field.
If you think you hear differences because of green ink, expensive cables, wooden pucks, demagnetized CDs, bricks, etc.
Magnetic refrigerators exploit the magnetocaloric effect -- the ability of some metals to become hot when magnetized and cool when demagnetized.