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This applies a strong demagnetizing field upon the magnet, which will tend to be demagnetized.
Schrefl et al., "Grain-size dependent demagnetizing factors in permanent magnets," Journal of Applied Physics, vol.
For a magnetic material with constant magnetic susceptibility, subjected to a uniform magnetic field, the demagnetizing field correction can be written as it follows:
The net magnetization density J produces a total field [H.sub.D] = -NJ with the demagnetizing coefficient
The circuitry used in the magnet minimizes power consumption, says Staubli, resulting in maximum reliability and faster cycling times (which are generally less than 1 second/50 poles for both magnetizing and demagnetizing).
Although dramatic results are probably the exception, subtle improvements that can significantly affect quality of life and independence may be a real possibility (as well as demagnetizing your credit cards!).
Disc Demagnetizing. Some time back, there was a fixation among certain members of the audio establishment that involved demagnetizing compact discs to improve their sound.
* On the subject of demagnetizing schools, Frederick Douglass said it best in 1883:
By the end of 1951 he was in Japan on a converted minesweeper used for demagnetizing ships.
Both types can be switched on and off, provide automatic demagnetizing of workpieces, and have sufficient holding power to be useful in chipmaking operations.