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This applies a strong demagnetizing field upon the magnet, which will tend to be demagnetized.
Its position at the centre becomes unstable for a source strong enough to extend the deformation near the sample walls, that is, even for diluted impurities in thin samples with small values of the demagnetizing coefficient N.
Controls for electro-permanent chucks send electrical pulses of a few seconds' duration to the chuck's control magnet, either magnetizing or demagnetizing the other poles of the chuck.
Between each stage the magnetic concentrate must pass through an ac demagnetizing coil to remove the magnetic flocculation.
The basic steps for using the magnetic particle testing procedure consist of magnetizing the test casting, applying magnetic particles in powder form to the test specimen, examining the surface area for tell-tale clusters of powder and, finally, demagnetizing the casting.
i] are shape-related and are the result of demagnetizing factors that are given by Kittel's equation.
The air-gap flux, however, is weakened by the demagnetizing current in the direct axis; this control method is called flux-weakening.
One of the causes of body deformation is the effect of magnetostatics, which causes the sample to elongate along the applied magnetic field (a uniform field in this case) to minimize the demagnetizing field opposing the applied field.
A typical magnetic mold change involves bringing both mold halves together, securing the mold halves, demagnetizing the platens, and then lifting the mold out of the press with a crane or rolling it out to the side with a ram and roller system.
15) That most esoteric audio accessories and nostrums (green ink, edge stabilizers, disc weights, amplifier bricks, special power cords, vibration isolators, speaker spikes, clamp racks, digital clocks, exotic speaker stands, tuning dots, disc freezing, disc or system demagnetizing, etc.
Options include electro-magnetic chucks, magnetic dust separator, a coolant system with pump, automatic demagnetizing control, and side and angle dressers.