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President Hadi expressed deepest regret for the incident, saying that assaulters were demagogic groups do not aware of the far-goals schemes of Zionist forces, especially those ones, who have authored and published the insulting movie.
He added that these demagogic statements by a senior party official are reprehensible and irresponsible and do not indicate good intentions toward governments and peoples of the region.
South Sudan cannot be made to be at the mercy of very unpredictable police state like the Republic of Sudan ruled by demagogic Islamists who can blatantly commit an act of theft in broad day light without shame.
bias toward Israel vis-a-vis the Palestinian people are no longer an emotional slogan or demagogic words to which Arab leaders and old regimes allied with Washington have been accustomed as a means to satisfy their peoples.
A cleverly written but ultimately disingenuous and demagogic article.
The Government of Israel must be wary of the demagogic and irresponsible elements - even within the government iteslf -- who call for a new full-scale war in Gaza, as though the lesson of 2009 had not already demonstrated that this would be no solution at all, nothing but terrible bloodshed and a plethora of war crimes.
But his specific prescriptions, and the urgency he attaches to them, are based on the misrepresentation of one fact, the misinterpretation of another and the demagogic presentation of a third.
He said during a public meeting with the president in Sana'a last Tuesday, that anti-government protesters want the university to be a theater for their demagogic actions.
Vavi presented the results of high-level Cosatu deliberations on Thursday and concluded: "We are headed in the direction of a full-blown predator state, in which a powerful, corrupt and demagogic elite of political hyenas increasingly controls the state .
HM the king said that Morocco's "education system - which has long been plagued by demagogic considerations that have prevented constructive reforms - will, alas, continue to take a heavy toll on state resources and stifle the potential of young people from non-privileged backgrounds.
It is simply politically motivated slander to which the western media added a demagogic aspect through writers and commentators who failed to take another look at their articles after writing them.
The tax system is bad enough without politicians making it a weapon of demagogic revenge.