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The antidote to a fascist or a demagogue arising cannot be symptomatic.
Like all demagogues, Trump has sought to rebuild the unity of his "tribe" by identifying its enemies - Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants in general.
Donald Trump has been compared to a fascist, as has Vladimir Putin and a variety of demagogues and right-wing loudmouths in Europe.
There are many conflicting messages I hear from the mouths of some demagogues in the United States at the present time.
He is not an idiot but rather a very cunning demagogue," the report by an anonymous agent says.
Ahmadinejad is described as a hard-Line demagogue, yet students seem not to fear attacking him, even storming his car after his recent university speech.
Whatever was this dangerous demagogue alluding to, they myopically wondered?
In the Knights, the revolution is set in historical Athens and features the reigning demagogue Cleon on stage, while in the Assemblywomen, the revolution abstracts from contemporary circumstances and is not driven by any known historical figure.
Regarding your piece "Requiem for an Iconoclast" [The World, June 11] about the murder of openly gay Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn: It seems to me that the word demagogue would be more fitting.