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Accuracy depends on taking control and leveraging the factors that create demand -- on an account-by-account, store-by-store level, while also tying in the demand drivers such as promotions, inventory, etc.
Customer service is enhanced, and its production is tied to consumer demand.
SBR demand is expected to increase by 1% in 1995 as compared to 1994, as well as on an annually compounded basis through 2000.
As soon as companies and individuals are informed that high-speed, large-volume broadband communications are technically feasible, they demand quantities far in excess of existing "potential supply.
Terra Technology is the leading provider of demand sensing and inventory optimization solutions for consumer goods companies.
We are honored to receive recognition from the AESP for our automated approach to demand response," says Brewster.
Once enabled, EnerNOC's demand response capacity is on call, just like a peaking power plant, ready for dispatch by ISO New England, the operator of New England's bulk electric power system.
Over the contract's term, EnerNOC will deliver demand reductions of up to 11 MW's at commercial, institutional, and industrial end-user sites through four demand-side management strategies - permanent efficiency, curtailment/shifting for demand response, distributed generation for demand response and installing interval meters for demand response.
Long-term forecast for the production and demand of major baby food are included.
Commodity producers in the fourth quarter are currently experiencing weakening demand with a surplus of supply.