demand for payment

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In the first class he put the debts which he would have to pay at once, or for which he must in any case have the money ready so that on demand for payment there could not be a moment's delay in paying.
He was now experiencing something worse than a simple deficit: he was assailed by the vulgar hateful trials of a man who has bought and used a great many things which might have been done without, and which he is unable to pay for, though the demand for payment has become pressing.
Regarded from this point of view Mr Pancks's puffings expressed injury and impatience, and each of his louder snorts became a demand for payment.
Sub-Section (2) of Section 15 provides, 'In case of default in payment by a customer, the financial institution may send a notice to the mortgagor demanding payment of the mortgage money outstanding within fourteen days from service of the notice and failing payment of the amount within due date, it shall send a second notice of demand for payment of the amount within fourteen days.
The controversy continued with the two state-run firms rejecting each other's demand for payment of the tax.
However, there will either be a demand for payment to fix it, or they will install software on the computer which will allow the criminals to access personal and financial details.
Joyce Sugden was shocked to receive a demand for payment for exceeding a three-hour free parking limit at the Leeds Road Retail Park - because she hadn't parked there at all.
In business, our Insolvency Act 1986 Section 123, enables the court to declare insolvent and wind up any company which is 21 days late after a demand for payment. Not a lot of people know this, yet.
In business, our Insolvency Act 1986 S123, enables the court to declare insolvent and wind up any company which is 21 days late after a demand for payment.
"The UK's HM Revenue & Customs 'Cash Accounting Scheme' works well to deal with this situation where it is common for construction companies to issue a demand for payment after receiving the certification from the customer, in order to avoid triggering a VAT liability before receiving the payment.
Bankruptcy court records show the former Respect MP applied last month to set aside a statutory demand for payment made by Ali-Khan of Keighley, Yorkshire.
The Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, in the budget speech for the year 2017-18 had announced that taxpayers' long outstanding demand for payment of refunds would be addressed soon and the sales tax refunds against refund payment orders (RPOs) issued up to April 30, would be paid in two stages.