demand payment

References in classic literature ?
People often do a good deed without hope of reward, but for an evil deed they always demand payment.
Monseigneur," replied D'Artagnan, "I only come to you in the king's name to demand payment of an order for two hundred pistoles.
They said that I should bring ill-luck on the tribe by having killed so great a witch-doctor as Noma; also that the people of the headman would demand payment for the assault on him.
When we say that we should be right in sending him to the physicians if we wanted him to be a physician, do we mean that we should be right in sending him to those who profess the art, rather than to those who do not, and to those who demand payment for teaching the art, and profess to teach it to any one who will come and learn?
Typically, a caller will contact a small business, such as a store or a restaurant; pretend to be from Consumers Energy; and demand payment within an hour or two using a prepaid credit or debit card.
FROM October 13 last year, the right to demand payment for chencel repairs will have to be registered against the property by way of notice or caution at the Land Registry.
With the state coffers now suffering due to poor spending habits, they have decided to audit these businesses and demand payment, even levy fines, for the nonpayment of these fees.
Coming in a variety of forms -- a popular tactic is to impersonate national police forces -- the criminals demand payment from PC users for a variety of bogus 'crimes' such as using unauthorised software or downloading illegal content.
But if he quits, those clubs will demand payment in full.
WATCHDOGS are tracking a gang who start work on your house - even if they're not asked to - then demand payment.
Courts across the North have been told to demand payment of fines as soon as they have been handed down to offenders.
At no time, however, did the bank demand payment or begin collection action against Maloof.