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La tension est remont[euro]u[c]e ces derniers jours avec l'arrestation de quatre jeunes militants, samedi et dimanche, qui a [euro]u[c]t[euro]u[c] suivie par une gr[euro]uA ve g[euro]u[c]n[euro]u[c]rale, une marche et de grandes manifestations pour demander leur lib[euro]u[c]ration.
All members sign a Direct Debit mandate, and all payments by demanders are made by Direct Debit; then payment to suppliers by Direct Credit.
Demander des comptes, c'est exiger les reponses necessaires et les valider.
Each demander is able to purchase the amount desired, i.
With blanket licenses, the demander will pick the song "closest" to her desired product once she realizes what that product is.
Besides the switching of market participants, potential demanders excluded in the high price market may enter the low price market by bearing the cost of switching.
If there are already target-country actors with clout whose interests coincide with those of the demander country, all the better.
Moreover, it is frequently necessary to examine whether or not the company should enter into new or existing markets; how brand, product-type and variant-choice decisions are made by the demanders and - as a result of this - the nature of the marketing mix.
Les medecins, les ingenieurs, les avocats, les juges, les experts comptables, les enseignants, les professeurs universitaires et d'autres ont fait greve pour demander plus de droits et d'avantages en appliquant la regle : C'est le moment ou jamais.
Reste a se demander combien d'equipes viennent d'etre prises en main par M.
In an independent private values environment with K units to be sold, if each demander is risk-neutral and draws one valuation from a common uniform distribution in which the lowest possible valuation is zero (the conditions present in our experiment), a symmetric Bayes-Nash equilibrium for the auction is given by