demanding attention

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On a badly-surfaced British B-road, it feels constantly busy, reminding you to stay on top of your game, demanding attention like a spoilt kid.
These six tracks provide a musical middle path, neither demanding attention nor losing focus; this is a peaceful 67-minute journey to relax the body and mind.
Unable to quickly apprise nurse of behaviors demanding attention (sleeplessness, restiveness)
First single Fever is one of the most upbeat on the album, demanding attention with beautiful guitars and gorgeous lyrics.
Her fields of interest are narrow and the ego overinflated to the extent she may consider herself important, by demanding attention and taking it as her right that others will adapt to her ways.
Demanding attention through performance as well as music, they currently perform their vigorous and intense brand of psychedelic rock to the backdrop of a colourful and vibrant 1965 Chinese propaganda film called The East Is Red.
More than half - 55 per cent - say they have difficulty concentrating on work while at home, while 49 per cent say they are plagued by children or other family members demanding attention in the house.
com/occupy-congress-spanish-protesters-outraged-over-spending-cuts-795577) anti-government protests called by a coalition of Spanish groups demanding attention to the country's horrific unemployment situation devolved into violent riots Tuesday, after groups of tactical police charged into an agitated crowd.
At the same time, social and ecological forces that once got honorable mention in business strategy discussions are today full-fledged stakeholders demanding attention.
She is a smaller, more compact shape than Lady Rebecca's foal but is a delight to watch, screaming across the top end of the paddock, almost demanding attention.
Silhouetted masts in the harbour, Curls of wood smoke from chimneys, The sea pounding away, being ignored and demanding Attention in the darkness.
Apakan said the committee, under Turkey's chairmanship, worked to highlight counter-terrorism and the efforts of the committee around the world, and focused on regions and issues demanding attention with a strategic approach.