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But Lebanon insisted that the United Nations or a neutral party demarcate the territorial waters shared with Israel, a proposal rejected by the Israeli government.
The two sides "differed on how to demarcate the 80% of the border.
Lebanese Minister of State Jean Hogassapian said that Syria has expressed its readiness to demarcate its border with Lebanon except for the occupied Shabaa Farms area, the Beirut daily AL BALAD reported on Monday.
Iraq formed two committees to follow up the land and river borders and demarcate borders between the two countries," Mohamed al-Hajj Mahmoud told Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI).
The tricky part--for people in a society that is slowly forgetting how to use private property and individual rights to demarcate the limits of permissible behavior--is figuring out what kinds of fanaticism to tolerate.
help demarcate the disputed maritime zone between Lebanon and Israel that is believed to contain natural gas reserves.
According to the details, two citizens of Abbottabad Ghulam Mustafa and Javed Abbassi challenged the delimitation done by the KPK government and pleaded that Election Commission of Pakistan is the only authority to demarcate the LG constituencies.
Prior Information Notice: Complex land in the cadastral german chloumek and liboc near kraslice, map work and demarcate the land according to the approved design of complex land consolidation in the cadastral mountains at jeni ovEi.
South Sudan, which seceded from Sudan in July 2011, is yet to properly demarcate the majority of its borders with Sudan, as well as its other neighbours.
Through this consultative meeting, the ECP intends to share the Census Methodology used by the PCO to demarcate the new Census Blocks, the role of NADRA for voter registration in collaboration with ECP and the method adopted on ground verification process for revision of electoral rolls by field officers of the ECP.
Saudi Arabia and the United States have reportedly been pressuring Syria to demarcate the border with Lebanon and give up the Shabaa Farms, an area of disputed ownership which Israel seized in its 1967 Mideast War, the Israeli daily Haaretz has reported.
The courtyards define different circulation corridors for medical staff as opposed to patients and their families, and also demarcate a perimeter where support spaces for the interaction of staff, patients and families are located together with communal services, such as waiting rooms, cafes and classrooms.